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At Furmail, we believe in helping you down the right path to a healthy pet. Using our own knowledge, backed by other veterinarian professionals, we touch on different topics to help give advice for your pets. 

Knowing all the right things to feed and care for your pet can be tough. This includes training and nutrition as well as their flea and worming schedules. With so many different options out there, it can be confusing which company to trust. We have a range of trusted brands that we will discuss over time, which will hopefully help you choose options for your pet. 

Got a topic you'd like covered?

If you have a query about anything to do with pet care, contact us and we will be happy to write an article on that topic, or just give you general healthcare advice specific to your pet. If we don’t know the answers, you can also talk to our vet, Dr Cori. 

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