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How to tell if your cat has worms..

5 Safe and healthy tips

As a cat owner, seeing your sweet precious ball of fur not feeling their best due to worms can be devastating. Parasitic worms are a common cause of cat discomfort, and they can lead to several other health problems. Knowing how to protect your cat from worms is important part of being a pet owner.

Roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms are the most common types of parasites in cats. They can cause serious problems, especially at the earliest stages of your pet’s life. Some can also pose dangerous health risks during adulthood.

Mild and Severe Symptoms of Worms to Watch Out for in Cats

Depending on the severity, internal parasites like worms can cause vomiting, stomach problems that lead to diarrhoea, loss of appetite that causes weight loss, uncomfortable bloating, skin lesions and dull coat, skin irritations, and overall poor physical health. If left untreated, worm infestations can even be fatal. Severe levels of infection could cause pneumonia, dehydration, convulsions or shock, skin infections, blindness, anaemia, or eventually death.

1. Identify the parasites that are messing with your cat’s health.

The first step to deal with any health issue is to identify the problem. What type of parasite is affecting your cat? How is the infestation affecting your cat’s everyday routine, and what symptoms is your cat suffering from? Different parasites have specific effects on your cat’s physical health. The best way to know which action to take is to contact your local veterinarian or ask an expert.


2. Choose the Right Wormer for Your Cat

There are several types of wormers that cat care experts might recommend. Worm treatment costs will depend on the kind of solution that you want for your pet. While pastes and spot-ons are the common choices for pet owners, worming tablets are preferred because of their palatability and ease of administration. 

Since cat worming tablets are small and coated in flavours that your cats will love, you shouldn’t have a hard time giving them to your pet. Choosing the right cat worming treatment shouldn’t only be about finding an effective method to get rid of these parasites; it can also be easy and comfortable.

3. Determine the Cause and How to Prevent Reinfection

To fight against these parasites and prevent the same thing from happening again in the future, make sure you determine where it started, how it happened, and what caused the infection in the first place.

Tapeworm infestation, for example, can start when your cat swallows fleas from their fur during grooming. In this case, the best way to deal with prevention is through flea control: maintain their litter box regularly and keep your home clean. Most importantly, make sure that your cat is not exposed to other infected animals.

4. Make Your Cat Feel Loved During Treatment

As mentioned earlier, while some cases of parasite infestation in cats can be asymptomatic, some cats, unfortunately, experience mild to severe symptoms. While administering the treatment, make sure your cat feels that they are loved. They’ll need all the attention and care that they can get as it can be an uncomfortable process for them.

5. Get Help from the Best Cat Worming Experts in NZ

The most important advice we have is to talk to the right people about what’s best for your fur baby. And remember, cat worming treatments don’t have to break the bank. Find experts that can balance your cat’s comfort, and the treatment’s efficacy and affordability.

If you need advice on how to worm your cat, including a demonstration or just general assistance, you can contact Furmail and our staff will be happy to help.

We’ll help you make sure that your furry friend is protected and parasite-free!

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