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Furmail’s vet created help you find the best worm and flea products for your cat!

Whether your cat is outdoors or indoors, it is likely they will encounter fleas, which are one of the most frequent parasites that can affect cats and they can cause itching & pain for your cat. To prevent fleas from entering your home, it is important to treat your cat for fleas on a regular basis. Flea bites can be uncomfortable for cats and can possibly lead to health issues.

We treat kittens from 8 weeks of age and as they grow, you update their weight and we update the treatments to match. We keep track of when they need everything and deliver it right to your door right on time. This includes the more regular worming treatments that kittens under 6 months require.

Even better, it’s cheaper than going to the vet AND we  have a vet at hand to answer any questions you might have. If your animal has a reaction or you just want to discuss their plan, Dr Cori is available for online consults to help put your mind at ease.

How it works

You pick your preferred plan, which is then reviewed by our vets to make sure it’s the perfect option for your pet. Still have questions? Checkout out our FAQ’s for more info on brands we use or feel free to Contact Us

Our vet-approved products are of the best quality and protect your cat against all the nasties including fleas, worms, mites & mange.

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