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Pet nutrition - the basics

Spotting the Uninvited: 5 Signs Your Pet Has Fleas

Has your furry pal been scratching a tad bit too much lately? Maybe it’s their way of saying, “Help! I’ve got fleas and can’t chill out!” Those tiny, bouncing nuisances can turn your pet’s playtime into an itchy dance marathon. But fear not, my fellow fur-lovers, for I’ve got the inside scoop (or scratch) on how to keep the party crashers away!

Spotting the Unwanted Party Crashers

  1. The Itchy Dance. If your pet’s moonwalking more than usual, and there’s no Billie Jean playing, you’ve got the first clue. Excessive scratching could mean an invite has been sent to the flea party!
  2. Pimple-Pop or Flea-Stop? Is your kitty or pup sporting those red bumps? They’re not trying to start a new skincare trend; they’re signaling for help against those annoying freeloaders!
  3. Black Speck Spook! Those black specks aren’t your pet’s attempt at glitter fashion. It’s flea dirt! Eww, right? It’s like leaving their business cards all over your pet.
  4. Hide and Seek Champions. Spot a tiny jumper? That’s Mr. Flea! Catch one, and, trust me, his whole family’s around. They’re the sneaky sort.
  5. 50 Shades of Gums. If your pet’s gums are looking more like twilight than dawn, it could be a sign of anemia from those blood-sucking nuisances.

Ring the Alarm

Say goodbye to those frantic trips to the vet or last-minute dashes to the pet store. Furmail is your mailbox magic for all things flea and worm protection. With a subscription that brings top-notch treatments right to your door, Furmail ensures your pet’s fur stays fabulous, not flea-filled.

Keep Those Party Crashers Off the Guest List

  • Puppy Bob or Kitty Pixie Cut: A trim can be more than just fashionable; it can be functional. Short fur = less flea hideouts!
  • Bath-time Boogie: 🛁 Make a splash and wash those pests down the drain.
  • Dress to Repel: An anti-flea collar or treatment is like giving your pet an invisible shield. Call them the superheroes of the pet world!
  • Keepin’ It Clean: Vacuum your kingdom regularly. Your castle shouldn’t be a flea fortress!
  • Lawn Wars: Your garden isn’t a flea fiesta ground. Treat it and let your pet romp around carefree.
To wrap it up, whether it’s a swing, sashay, or shimmy, let’s ensure the only moves our pets make are joyful jigs, not itchy twirls. And with Furmail by our side, consider half the battle won! Stay fabulous and fur-tastic, fur-riends!